Wicklow Way Walk from Enniskerry to Roundwood (Day 2)

Wicklow Way Walk from Enniskerry to Roundwood (Day 2)

Details of Day 2 of my Wicklow Way walk from Enniskerry to Roundwood.

This post is part of a wider series of my experience walking the entire Wicklow Way.

I covered 29km in total on day 2. However, only 22km of this was on the Wicklow Way itself. I had a 5km walk from Enniskerry to Curtlestown Woods and 2.5km extra to leave the trail at the end of the day to get to Roundwood. The extra 7km of road walking was a real killer and if possible I would advise trying to avoid this. I would recommend the following options:

  • Book accommodation nearer the Wicklow Way. For example the Knockree Hostel (if open).
  • Alot of accommodations will also arrange to collect from a selected point along the Wicklow Way.
  • Ask your accommodation to arrange a taxi for you to/from the Wicklow Way.

The above options didn’t really work for me in Enniskerry and Roundwood due to Covid restrictions and precautions on my part. So extra walking was what I was most comfortable with.

Covid restrictions also meant that The Enniskerry Inn did not provide breakfast. I was able to get some grub in Poppies Café just around the corner. They also provided me with a takeaway sandwich to have for my lunch.

Starting Out

So back on the road for me and 5km of uphill walking to rejoin the Wicklow Way at Curtlestown Wood (17km mark). Just after passing the car park I turned left on to a quieter laneway and stayed on this laneway for just over half a kilometer. There was still some rain in the air and I had a lovely rainbow over me as I walked.  

Blue Skies Ahead

I turned to the left then and into a nice forest walk through Knockree Forest. Crossing a small road I continued the forest walk before entering the Glencree River Valley. The sun was out by this stage and the blue skies were a beautiful contrast to the vivid greenery of the valley. I also had the Glencree river gurgling away to my right as I continued along the Wicklow Way. There was a heron busily fishing in the river and at one stage a large bird soaring overhead. I’m not 100% sure but think it was a buzzard. 

Hills and Mountains

I continued along the Wicklow Way through to Crone Woods Car Park (22km). This was a steady incline and I continued to go upwards. Eventually coming to a spectacular viewing areas for Powerscourt Waterfall and Deer Park.

The picture shows a waterfall known as Powercourt Waterfall that can be seen along the wicklow way walk.

Once I peaked, I could clearly see the next stages of the journey laid out in front of me. A quick descent (rocky underfoot) to a crossing over the Dargle river and then all uphill with Djouce looking imposingly in front of me.

The Wicklow Way doesn’t summit Djouce but rather the trail leads over it’s eastern shoulder. If you are brave you can climb to the top but my energy was sapping and I was happy to take my lunch near the highest point of Day 2 of the Wicklow Way with stunning views looking out over the Irish Sea.

The picture is stunning view taken from a high up on Djouce Mountain in Co. Wicklow. It shows fields and lakes. You can just barely see the Irish Sea in the background.

The trail continues on to White Hill and a raised walkway marks the start of a long descent. These bog bridges can be a bit tricky at times as some of the wood has rotted in places causing the boardwalk to be uneven. In saying that, I was overtaken by a couple who were out running along the boardwalk and having no difficulty with it. 

Lough Tay

One of the nicest views of the whole Wicklow Way comes at the c.32km mark. You get to see the amazing Lough Tay and the Luggala valley. 

This picture is a view from a height overlooking Lough Tay and the Luggala Valley. The lake is black with a small sandy beach on the left hand side, forests to the bottom and left and a sheer cliff face on the other side.

Before I reached the Roundwood to Sally Gap road (just over 32km), I was stopped for a quick water break. As a demonstration of how small Ireland is, who should I see trundling around the corner but a former work colleague of mine. The Wicklow Way is such an isolated trail for the majority of the journey. It really was a bit of a mad coincidence that I should happen into someone that I knew.

We walked for a while together until he reached his car (he was after climbing Djouce). I continued along the roadway past the carpark for the crew filming at Lough Tay. Then I turned right for a 5km walk through the forest at Ballinrush and Ballinafunshoge. This is gravel roadway for the most part with a tougher descent through the actual forest near the end. 

Homeward Bound

I continued on through fields and laneways for the latter stages of Day 2. It required crossing a number of pretty stiles along the way until I reached the 39km mark. I left the trail at a crossroads where I continued straight and on to Roundwood rather than turning right and continuing along the Wicklow Way.

The Wicklow Way walk from Enniskerry took me a total of 6 hours and 10 minutes. I covered 29.5km to Roundwood with 22km of this being the actual Wicklow Way. I stayed in the Coach House Inn that night.

Overall, Day Two of the Wicklow Way walk from Enniskerry was my favourite day of the entire Wicklow Way. The stunning scenery from the Glencree River Valley was amazing. As well as that, amazing views of Powerscourt Waterfall, Lough Tay and from Djouce made it a very memorable experience.

This is a screengrab showing the elevation of the 26km walked on Day 2 of the Wicklow Way
Elevation for Day 2 of the Wicklow Way

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